Sunday, February 05, 2017

May God save God's own Country

There was a time when people only used to cook in earthen and cast iron cookware. I still remember when i was kid, i use to see only the brown earthen cookwares everywhere for making rice, curries. I don't see that anymore.

When i visited a hypermarket in my home town, i was looking for the healthy cooking options but all i could find is plastic containers, aluminium cookware, nonstick toxic cookwares. After searching for quite sometime, i saw couple of them in the near extinction cookware rack.

Isn't it time to unlearn what we have learned. All the wrong things that we were forced to learn by corporates by repeating lies again and again.

When lies are repeated for decades, we forget what the truth was. And at some point, we don't even remember the truth, that these lies become facts.

Laziness is another factor for these unhealthy cookware to boom. Nonstick cookwares makes it very convenient to cook, easy to wash and looks beautiful. But the fundamental things like tasty food, is it healthy are completely ignored by this stressful city life style.

This time i decided to unlearn what i learned, i decided to go back to the habits which i saw when i was a kid.

Let's Unlearn before its late for a better tomorrow for us and our next generations to come.

You should try the below if in US to Unlearn:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Google knows me better than my Wife

Sunday evening, my usual tea, cool bangalore breeze and my Google Now page. As always, i kept check what Google has to say and wants me to read.

Everything was cool until i accidentally said to my wife "well google knows everything about me, it knows me better than you".

I heard some angry murmuring from the kitchen, is she jealous of Google, i mused?

Things are not far away when you would depend everything from companies like Google and Apple who would mine petabytes of data and will tell you what to do.

May be this may happen ......

  • talk
  • think

  • watch tv may be
  • talk
  • think
  • Read newspaper
  • watch tv may be
  • talk to people
  • think

  • Check Google Now and see if i have any reminders, how's my stock
  • Look for what Google has recommended stories to read
  • Keep scrolling below till Google has finished telling me what it has to tell
  • Go to gmail and look at emails which Google has classified as Update, Primary and sometimes Promotions
  • Go to Mashable and Techcrunch to see how technology has changed the world today
  • facebook or fb watsup groups

  • Wear the VR devices and it does the rest
  • All wearables in your body from your shirt to your watch to your shoes
  • Lights talk, refrigerators talk

  • Google Robot will do everything for you
  • Machines will instruct and restrict you
  • You are machines and machines are humans
  • *&)(*(_*(@@(*@)(*

Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Apple Pay will succeed where ISIS(Softcard) failed

I have been using Softcard for a while(may be one of the few people who use it in Phoenix). I use it only because Serve gives me $1 cash back for every transaction.

Below are my pain points when using with Softcard aka ISIS
  • I have to unlock my phone using pin
  • I have to find the app which crashes every time 
  • I have to open the app
Below are the other reasons for no adoption of Softcard:
  • Need to get the right phone. Doesn't work with Nexus
  • Need to get the right sim, phone companies never give you that unless you ask
  • App is not user friendly band integrated to OS
Apple Pay solves all this:
  • Unlocks the phone, opens Apple pay when near terminal
  • Authorizes the transaction using the perfect fingerprint reader TouchID
  • No special Sim needed
  • Seamless, beautiful 
Apple Pay is going to succeed where Softcard/ISIS and confusing Google Wallet failed. 

Simplicity is the key for a successful product and Apple always does that right. 

As they say "We say hundred No's for a single Yes"

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Life Race

faster you run, farther it gets. So we run faster. and faster. and faster. 
we know we will never reach there, but we run or rather hope makes us run. funny is this life race.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

WWDC 2013 experience

WWDC was a dream come true.

In my school days, when i was looking for my first computer, the day when i thought Computer means Windows, i had seen my first ad of iMac.  And now i got a chance to go to WWDC, the biggest developer conference in the world, most loved company in the world, here i am, starting to WWDC.

I started to SFO from Phoenix on June 9th 2013 early morning. I was not sure what to expect, what i should prepare. I reached Moscone west in the afternoon to collect the Jacket and badge. There were huge banners of Apple all around and there was a huge board with "7" which meant iOS7. I went to the attendee line and was greeted by Apple staff, gave my badge and Jacket. The Jacket said 13 for 2013.

I started roaming around with the wwdc jacket in SFO downtown. There were people roaming with 12, 11, 10 , 09 jackets , showing off that they were here much before the 2013 guys.

More details coming soon.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

UN55F6400 - Samsung 2013 series review

UN55F6400 - After months of research, i decided to go with this model after comparing all the top 2012 ES models and the costly 2013 F series.


  • Smart Hub 2.0 - It is not wise to invest even on UN55ES8000 as it has outdated SmartHub
  • Dual core processor - Pred didn't have this
  • Affordable compared to other F Series
  • Active 3D
  • Microdimming
  • 480 CMR
  • Smart remote
  • Much better than the UN55F6300 or UN55F6350 costco model
Bought it from as they had a 16x site wide points, saving another $271.00 from the total $1697.00.

Friday, March 01, 2013

more we try... more we gain...
more we gain... more we lose..
more we lose... more we try...
An endless while(true) {}
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